The benefits of storing electricity with EnergyCloud home batteries


1. Financial savings

Primarily, the home battery will take it easy on your wallet. Installing a home battery can lower monthly household electricity bills by up to 70%.

2. Energy independence

The EnergyCloud home battery will enable you to make significant progress towards your energy independence.

3. Clean and eco-friendly

Buildings no longer have to leave an ecological footprint.

The following graphs demonstrate the concrete benefits of using EnergyCloud home battery.

Effectively harnessing solar energy

The sun produces electricity for free, and thanks to the EnergyCloud home battery you can use this energy whenever you need it, not just when the sun is shining.

The benefits of low rates

Charge your EnergyCloud home battery during off-peak hours and you will hardly ever have to pay high rates for on-peak electricity. During on-peak periods electricity can be up to three times more expensive than at off-peak times.

Reduced fixed rates

Your EnergyCloud home battery system’s capacity is designed so that you won’t need such high power reserves for your house or building. Thus, you can lower your monthly fixed rates.

Have a look at a sample calculation of how much you can save.

An independent home

The EnergyCloud home battery is meant to store solar energy produced during the day for use in the evening and at night.

You can also store electricity generated by small wind turbines or other sources, such as micro cogeneration (CHP) units. Thus, the home battery will enable you to gain greater independence from electrical energy providers.

The diagram shows how the energy self-sufficiency of your home or building will increase with a home battery combined with rooftop solar panels.

A back-up energy source

EnergyCloud home battery also serves as a back-up energy source for your entire house or building, even during longer power outages.

It also allows you to store electrical energy for charging electric vehicles and other equipment, such as cordless power tools.

Clean electricity

Renewable sources of electrical energy help significantly reduce fossil fuel use.

For example, in the space of one year, Czech solar power plants generated the electricity equivalent to that gained from 2.6 tons of coal. In 2015 the number of solar power plant licenses in the Czech Republic exceeded 28,000, making solar the most common form of renewable energy available to households, companies, and for use in other buildings.

The Home Battery makes utilizing clean energy more efficient.

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