How Can I Get the EnergyCloud home battery?


We will provide you with a FREE assessment of your building so that we can propose the ideal electricity storage solution for you.

  • First, we will find out what we need to know about your building by conducting a short energy survey. We will simply collect data about appliances, consumption, and PV-generated electricity, and other necessary information.

We will then provide you with a custom proposal for your building.

  • We will propose an electricity storage solution that best corresponds with your house’s daily energy patterns.
  • We will calculate the savings our proposed solution will bring to you and your rentability.
  • We will help you select the best financing option (subsidies, instalment plans, etc.).

You won’t have to deal with any administrative issues

  • If installing your home battery or roof-top solar panels has any kind of legal or administrative ramifications (such as the case of extra high roof-top solar panels power), our partner companies will take care of them for you.

We will get your building ready and install your EnergyCloud home battery

  • We make sure that getting your building ready for installation will cause little to no disruption for you.
  • We will help you select where to install your EnergyCloud home battery in your building (ideal locations include mechanical rooms, garages, and cellars).
  • If necessary, we can also work up a wiring diagram of your system incorporating PV panels, your home battery, and a breaker panel.
  • Installation itself only takes a few hours. A team of our own qualified technicians, or those from one of our partner companies, will install and configure your system right after.

Your new home battery is remotely monitored immediately upon start-up

  • Bringing your electricity storage system on-line is not where our work for you ends. Our service center is constantly monitoring your system.

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