Concept of energy industry Compatibility & service

Industrial energy
storage system

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Battery energy
storage system

Compact, modular solution tailored to customer needs. Used to store electricity, cover power peak surges and manage local power sources.

battery container

High Cube solution featuring two separated fire zones, air conditioning and double floor.


Designed and individually selected to specifically fit existing buildings or energy sites. A specific inverter is chosen according to customer’s needs.

Air conditioning

To ensure the highest reliability and long term functionality of the system, the container is regulated to a constant temperature during the day.

Fire safety

Equipped with an autonomous fire extinguisher system for a quick and efficient fire protection.

Local resources of
power supply

Management and connection possibilities of local power sources (solar/wind or other power sources) to provide best economical usage of electricity.

Technological batter container


Power distribution managed and driven by demand and cost reduction to provide the most efficient usage of your stored energy.

Technological batter container


Ensuring self-sufficiency of the facility by providing continuous power supply from the battery storage.

Technological batter container

of power network

Improving the quality of the grid network by focusing on the long term functionality of the whole system.

Technological batter container


Provides flexibility to change battery capacity and inverter power performance.

Technological batter container


Selected individually after analysis of existing building or site energy management. Resulting capacity is chosen according to the customer’s needs.

Battery energy storage system
Technological battery container
Inverter power
Air conditioning system
Fire safety
Local resources of power supply
Peak shaving
Island mode
Symmetrization of power network
Battery capacity

Concept of energy industry

EnergyCloud is not all about selling batteries and solar panels. The term energy cloud itself refers to a new, changing concept of the energy industry. The future of modern energy is based on connection a large amount of DER (Distributed Energy Resources), operators of ESS (Energy Storage Systems) and consumers; All working together as virtual power plants (VPP). EnergyCloud’s main mission is to bring all these industrial and commercial entities together to provide a working solution.

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Compatibility & service

The Battery container can be charged by solar, wind or other energy resource. The battery balances energy supply and demand, avoiding significant investments in grid connections. Further, the battery features peak-shaving functionality to avoid paying surcharges during consumption peak hours. The battery is optimized to provide wide range of primary services such as supply of Fast Frequency Response (FFR) to reduce constraints on the network inter-connector, reduction of expected unserved energy due loss of supply, and islanding of the BESS with the local load. With automatic battery management system and our power-control electronics, the battery provides fully autonomous, stable and safe energy resource for buildings and facilities in on-grid and off-grid locations.

System Features

  • High Cube 20ft container specifically designed for battery storage
  • Insulated front and rear double doors
  • Thermal/sound insulation
  • High security locking of all external doors (BT04)
  • Fire proof split wall separating battery and inverter rooms
  • All fire proof doors feature panic locks to provide an escape route
  • Air ducts providing air circulation
  • All air ducts are equipped with class G4 filtration
  • Inverter room features exhaust ventilation
  • Transformer cooled with exhaust ventilation
  • Mounting sockets located below inverter, tranformer and batteries
  • Double ESD flooring for easier cable tracing
  • High current cabling located below the double flooring while low current cables run in trays mounted on the perimeter walls
  • Electrical grounding of the container and its inner components to protect the system from lightning
  • Airconditioned battery room with reverse cycle (heating)
  • Aerosol fire extinguishing system certified for batteries
  • Lighting, inverter, transformer
  • Battery racks and batteries
  • Electrical distribution box
  • Online monitoring of the whole system