Charging station EC Wallbox Pro

reliable source for quick, safe and effective charging of EVs

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    Charging station for electric vehicles

    EnergyCloud’s main mission is finding overall solution to effective use of electric energy from renewable resources. Part of this solution are efficient charging stations that are the key elements of electromobility expansion. To accomplish that, we have come up with our very own solution.

    Wallbox charging station EC WALLBOX PRO allows for quick and reliable charging of your electric vehicle. Thanks to our intuitive mobile application, you will always have a great overview regarding your charging status and supplied energy.

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    Compatibility & service

    The charging station reacts real-time on changes in your household's energy consumption. It can adjust its power output to prevent overloads of main circuit breaker and exceeding reserved power consumption. Thanks to this smart solution, you no longer have to pay extra for high grade circuit breakers.

    The delayed start function gives you an ability to plan charging at more convenient times. This may include times of grid overload, solar power generation or night time rates.

    Technical parameters

    InputTN - S 400 V / 50 Hz
    Nominal current3 x 32A
    Nominal power22 kW
    Residual current monitorAC 30 mA / DC 6 mA
    Connection with a carType 2, fixed cable
    Dimensions (w, h, d)325 x 410 x 153
    Ingress protectionIP 54
    Impact protectionIK10
    Weight7 kg
    Ambient temperature-30°C to +55°C
    General information
    External interfaceEthernet (RJ45)
    Power meterCertification MID