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Home EnergyCloud battery is used to store electrical energy so it is available for later use. The source of this energy can be, rooftop solar PV System which convert light into usable electricity. You can use this energy stored whenever you need it, even if the sun does not shine.

Generating and storing electricity you will significantly reduce your dependence on electricity suppliers. There is talk of so-called energy independence (partial or complete) in this sense.

Battery storage allows you to store excess solar energy for later use. This system allows your household a higher degree of energy independence than a simple solar-only system. Any solar energy that is not consumed by the home as it is generated will be used to charge the battery bank until it is full – after which point it will flow into the grid to accrue solar feed-in credits. Energy storage is environmentally friendly and helps reduce carbon emission.

Yes. The base unit is the most suitable unit (single-phase EnergyCloud HOME 7 with a battery capacity of 7.6 kWh). Installation also makes sense if you do not have photovoltaic panels attached to the system and where instead of solar radiation you charge batteries from the grid during low rate periods and discharge during more expensive rate periods.

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Yes. States governments usually supports energy storage systems.

Installation EnergyCloud Home Battery “behind the meter” usually does not affect your Feed-in Tariff or Green Bonus resulting from existing contracts. It depends on specific conditions of each Country.


No. EnergyCloud Home Battery can charge without PV Solar panels. Tariff Arbitrage is the practice of purchasing electricity from the grid when it is cheap and storing it for later use when electricity is expensive. Another option is to use a wind or hydropower as an alternative energy source. Storing energy generated by PV Solar system is the most common solution.

No. Installation of EnergyCloud Home Battery do not require change of energy supplier.

There are many differences. The EnergyCloud concept is so-called “all-in-one”. This means you do not have to worry about whether the system components are compatible or not, you do not have to install an external inverter or any other parts and components.

The EnergyCloud home batteries are equipped with a LiFEPO4 battery cell type, which is significantly more secure and longer in life than other technologies. Other differences are in efficiency or sufficient power and overload.


Despite of the ease of installation this job is carried out by accredited technicians -EnergyCloud partners – regionally based certified company that undertake Battery Storage system installation, will test it and issue an audit report.

There two types of warranty – either min. 5000 cycles or 5 years – whichever comes first. The actual lifetime of LiFEPO4 cells tested in laboratory conditions is 20 years – tests are still ongoing.

Generally, the higher the battery capacity, the higher your energy independence. If you’re looking at batteries purely as an investment, the best strategy is to install a battery bank large enough to be useful but small enough to be utilised often and to its fullest capacity. EnergyCloud will be happy to help you with the choice of capacity and overall solution. In practice, the performance of PV Solar system and your expected consumption will be assessed, and an optimal solution is proposed in more variants.

Depends on the size of the capacity you choose. For example, EnergyCloud Home 7 Battery has size of 0.8m (width) x 1.3m (height) x 0.3m (depth) + side handling space.

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You can view your home energy consumption online on your mobile phone or as detailed analyses on your computer. The control system in the Home Battery Control Unit monitors the process automatically according to the specified rules. They can be easily set up a tailor-made by technician and adjust everything according to the power requirement, the consumption schedule and current electricity prices.

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