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V rámci projektu Vývojové a testovací centrum výkonové elektroniky nabízí společnost EnergyCloud a.s., spolupráci na výzkumných a inovačních projektech, ve kterých by bylo možné využít pořízenou infrastrukturu. V případě zájmu o spolupráci nás prosím kontaktujte. Rádi Vás provedeme našim vybudovaným pracovištěm a probereme možnosti spolupráce.

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Basic info

EnergyCloud’s Home Battery is used to store electrical energy so it is available for later use. The source of this energy can for example be rooftop solar PV system which converts sunlight into usable electricity. You can use this stored energy whenever you need it, even if the sun does not shine.

Payment, price, finance

Yes. Country governments usually support energy storage systems.

Installation of EnergyCloud’s Home Battery “behind the meter” usually does not affect your feed-in tariff or green bonus resulting from existing contracts. It depends on specific conditions of each country.


No. EnergyCloud’s Home Battery can be charge without solar panels. Instead you can charge it from the grid during low rate periods and store it for later use when electricity is expensive. Another option is to use a wind or hydro power as an alternative energy source. Though storing energy generated by a PV solar system is the most common solution.

No. Installation of EnergyCloud’s Home Battery does not require a change of energy supplier.


No. Despite of the ease of installation, this job is carried out by accredited technicians – EnergyCloud’s partners. These are regionally based certified companies that perform the battery storage system installation, test it and issue an audit report.

There two types of warranty – either minimum of 10000 cycles or 5 years – whichever comes first. The actual lifetime of LiFEPO4 cells tested in laboratory conditions is 20 years. These tests are still ongoing.

Generally speaking, the higher the battery capacity, the higher your energy independence. If you’re looking at batteries purely as an investment, the best strategy is to install a battery bank large enough to be useful but small enough to be utilized often and to its fullest capacity. EnergyCloud will be happy to help you out with the choice of capacity and overall solution. Finally, the performance of PV solar system and your expected consumption are assessed and an optimal solution proposed.

That depends on the capacity you choose. For example the HOME 7 battery dimensions are 0.8m (width) x 1.3m (height) x 0.3m (depth) + side handling space.